The #MomsWhoMeToo movement was born out of a revolutionary idea: what would happen if we left the pretend play in our playrooms? What would happen if we created a safe place for moms to be honest about their lives? Could we build a virtual sisterhood that provides us with much needed empathy and honesty? Could we help a generation of moms feel less alone and empowered as they walk through their journey of raising humans?

The answer is YES. We 100% can.

Moms need #MomsWhoMeToo because motherhood today comes with the pressure to be perfect. Facebook posts that only show the best pictures. Instagram memes that simply joke about the worst and absurd parts of our days.

But we know the images moms promote on social media don’t tell the whole story. Something’s missing. Empathy. Support. Understanding. A safe place to stop pretending everything is either amazing or hilariously ridiculous.

The whole story is being honest as a mom is HARD. We’re afraid to show our scary bits because lots mommy life is ugly. And lonely. And filled with shame. Whether we struggle with body image, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and more, most of us are not brave enough to be real, alone. And nothing, not likes on social media, not pretty pictures, not perception, nothing, feels as comforting or as big a relief as another mom saying, “ME TOO.”

The #MomsWhoMeToo movement is here to create a community for moms to BE REAL and FEEL SUPPORTED, a place where moms feel safe enough to be serious, to be vulnerable, to be funny, to just be their most authentic selves. We are here to create a sisterhood of virtual best friends.

Welcome to the revolution, mama. The tribe starts with you.